Sunset over Grand Traverse Bay

Request a Specific Traverse City Area Photo

Interested in a specific photo of something or some place in Traverse City or Leelanau County but didn’t find what you were looking for in the galleries? Looking for a photo of Sleeping Bear Dunes to hang on your wall or to order as a gift? Whether you are looking for a specific shot, a black and white version of a photo that you’ve found and liked, or some other special request, please submit your photo suggestion below. If we don’t already have the photo in our library, we would be happy to put it on our list on photos to add to our galleries.

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NOTE: Photos taken on private property can only be sold or licensed with the property owners permission and only when we have obtained a written release to use the photo. We respect all property owners rights and any photos that are taken on private property and uploaded to our galleries have been provided with a property release. While we will consider all photo requests, we cannot guarantee that we can capture every request, particularly those on private property, but will do our best to get the photo when we can.